Meet the Characters

Loraine Miles
(Pamela Reed)

Loraine is warm, friendly and welcoming. She is quick to dispose of down-home wisdom and is everything her daughter-in-law Joy isn’t. This fact is compounded as they reluctantly have to drive across the South together during one long weekend.

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SSUN-Still010_Joy and Loraine in car 2

Joy Miles
(Shawnee Smith)

Opinionated and driven, Joy is a hardworking mother of two who runs a successful logistic consulting firm. Over the course of one crazy weekend, Joy must drive her mother-in-law across the South to a retirement village in Savannah. The only problem is, they are exact opposites.

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Phil Miles
(Shawn Christian)

Phil is Joy’s laid-back husband. Artistic, casual and easy-going, he is a successful, published author who works from home. Unlike Joy, he’s been the parent who, most often, is there for the kids, dealing with the triumphs and crises of growing up. As Joy puts it, “He’s the ‘fun’ one.”


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SSUN-Still058_Phil, Willow, Ryan
SSUN-Still054_Phil in Taxi


(Clare Carey)

Angie is Phil’s younger sister. She is married and has two kids. She’s casual and sporty, but runs a tight ship at home, making sure her kids eat healthy, get to bed early, etc. She is helping Phil and Joy move Loraine to Savannah, GA.


SSUN-Still041_Loraine and Angie




Ryan Miles
(Vitaly LeBeau)

Ryan is a typical teen boy. He loves his video games, TV and is curious about, and often amazed by everything he encounters. He is smart and apt to get into silly, good-natured squabbles with his older sister.


Ryan 2

Phil Willow Ryan





Willow Miles
(Madelyn Cline)

Willow has the beautiful soul of an artist. She is as laid back and unperturbed as her father when dealing with Joy’s no-nonsense approach to life. Willow and her dad have an unspoken bond. She is a sweet girl with a loving heart and quick wit.


Loraine and Willow 2

SSUN-Still068_The Family





Milly Staples
(Marion Guyot)

Loraine’s oldest friend, Milly lives in Morristown, TN, 40 miles outside of Knoxville. They are best friends who haven’t seen each other in many years. Milly has not weathered the years as well as Loraine, though they are roughly the same age. She is slower on her feet. Though she is a realist when it comes to aging, she has a great sense of humor about life.









Taxi Driver
(Emmanuel Hudson)

He is a sarcastic, snarky funny guy, not shy about speaking his mind. He may be working in Louisville, KY, but would survive quite well on the streets of NY! He likes loud music and jammin’ to the beat while he drives.


Joy in Taxi shock






(Jason Burkey)

This young man is a college student wearing a bear suit. He’s in town for a costume character convention. Dehydrated from wearing his hirsute outfit all day in the heat, he passes out in the middle of the street, and meets the Miles family and Taxi Driver.



Bear 2